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"The good news is that if you're willing to learn and to follow time-honored principles, you can escape the feelings of burnout, frustration, being powerless, and being a slave to your own business. You CAN make more and work less."

Alan Melton

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How Alan Went from Struggling to Dominating...
What People Are Saying About Alan:

"Over the past few months Alan Melton has been helping me become the CEO of my practice. I now have clarity of vision and a growth plan for my business. Not only has he advised me about a strategic partnership with another doctor, he referred me to a business attorney to make sure that my interests are protected. He is helping me to implement checks and balances with my income. Alan keeps me focused on important issues, and keeps me motivated and energized after our coaching sessions."

Dr. Don, MD, Vein & Aesthetics Center

"Thank you so much Alan. I can't tell you how much your coaching has blessed my life! Truly I know I would not be enjoying my life nearly as much as I am because of the many changes you helped me make. It all seems rather miraculous to me now. I thank Providence for the life coaching I received at a crucial time in the start up of my business. The wisdom and experience of Alan Melton as a coach combined with the connections he provided were key to turning my dreams into reality. His focus, encouragement and ongoing support have led me to take big steps in the right direction. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to everyone I know."

Stephanie, Healing Artist

"Alan is a great motivational speaker as well as a coach for small businesses. He was our speaker at a monthly chamber of commerce luncheon and was received well. I have enjoyed knowing Alan and respect him for his knowledge and values. His on developing a life and a business plan was inspiring. We can learn much from your message."

Kent Dykes, President, Chamber of Commerce

"Before calling Alan, my work schedule was filled, but revenues and cash flow weren't growing proportionately - in short, I was becoming unhappy with my financial situation, I missed my family and felt burnout after only a year and half of self-employment running a bookkeeping service.After one consulting session with Alan I gained the confidence and tools to collect 49% of my aging A/R balance. After our second consulting session, we had the beginnings of a business plan that unveiled a 20% increase in revenues (before adding new business). I needed a mentor and found it! I wholeheartedly recommend Alan and SBCA!"

Leanne, Owner, Bookeeping & Office Solutions

Are you sick of running a business that takes too much of your time, keeps you up at night with never-ending headaches, and doesn't earn the income you deserve?

So many business owners out there feel stuck in a business in which they're constantly fighting an uphill battle with little reward, stressed out by constant interruptions and low cash flow, with lack of clarity about what to do next. As a result, they eventually find themselves feeling trapped in a business that's not fun anymore, looking to turn it around or get out.

If this is you, you're not alone...

Consider This: Since 4 out of 5 businesses fail, you've already beaten the odds. If you've been in business for several years, you're already in the top 20% of businesses that succeed. You already have what it takes; you likely just need some focus and direction.

So how do you get on the right path to great revenues and profits, more freedom and greater clarity?

That's exactly what this page is about...

Small Business Solutions: Breakthrough Strategies to Prosperity and Freedom

At the age of 26 I took the plunge into business ownership. After becoming dissatisfied with our employer's policies, my co-worker and I thought we could do better, so we decided to start our own car rental company in Jacksonville, FL. 

After we were rejected by the bank for a $25,000 business loan, my partner's father felt sorry for us, loaned us the money, and became a partner in the venture. 

Soon after we got started, we saw an opportunity to expand our business by adding ground transportation service to the airport, and diversifying our small fleet. The early days involved working around the clock for several years with little to no pay. After a couple years our salaries had risen to a whopping $12,000 per year.

Seven years after starting the company, our salaries were roughly equal to the jobs we left. 

We were frustrated, had massive debt, problems with employees, and we were still working 80 hours per week.

It became apparent that the business was growing beyond my ability to effectively lead it. I needed to personally grow.

I hired a business coach who did an initial assessment on the business and helped us find over $100,000 in bottom line profits, giving us a nice pay increase and personal cars to drive. We were so happy with the results that we brought our coach in for annual planning and monthly coaching, and within six months our income doubled and many of our headaches were eliminated.

Around the same time, my partner brought us an opportunity to provide ground transportation for a new Ritz Carlton Resort, which eventually became a $2 million account. Our business coach helped put together a sales and acquisition plan which assisted us in winning more accounts and acquiring five local competitors. We also began a long-term plan which would position us for the future sale of our company.

After transforming from a "Mom and Pop" to a mid-sized company, developing a solid infrastructure, winning the Florida Sterling Governor's Award, and increasing our profits by over $1,000,000 in the last two years, we eventually sold our business to a publicly held company. We cashed out with a nice nest egg and the security to do whatever we wanted.

Then in 2002, I founded Small Business Coach Associates to help other business owners achieve remarkable results using the same award-winning strategies we used to build our businesses.

...and in Small Business Solutions, I reveal those strategies, so you can have the breakthroughs that will take your business to the next level.

Here's a sampling of what's covered:

  - How to create a powerful offer your prospects can't refuse.

  - Using risk reversal to increase your sales.

  - Tools for defining your target market.

  - Generating an unlimited amount of leads for your business.

  - How to profit from internet marketing.

  - Marketing strategies that don't cost money.

  - How to create added value in your business from thin air.

  - How to develop a winning business plan.

  - Generating hidden profits from better time management.

  - Staff recruitment training and development.

  - How to create repeat business and have clients stay, pay, and refer.

  - How to find new profit opportunities.

  - What to do next in your business.

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About the Author

Over the years Alan has established a reputation as a nationally known author, speaker and business leader, having started ten companies and acquired five more. 

Now, in the prime of his career, he is mentoring an amazing group of entrepreneurs and executives on the fast track to success. He has coached, advised, and taught hundreds of small business owners using a proprietary, award-winning process that has delivered outstanding results to organizations and coaching clients for more than 21 years. His clients have improved their profits by as much as 1,500% and reduced work time by as much as 25%. 

The author of Small Business Solutions, Alan is a Certified Family Business Advisor.

Join hundreds who have positioned themselves for business success.

Get the ebook for $17 or physical book for $28 (plus FREE shipping.)

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